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Sustainable Food Systems

Dunefield researches and leads projects that propose a reimagination of our future food systems to improve food security, eliminate waste, produce sustainably, and stimulate innovation and curiosity. We work closely with food scientists, designers and entrepreneurs in international teams to share ideas and combine forces.

Our current research and development focus is on these topics:


We introduce practices, innovations and business models to radically reduce the waste of resources, end and by-products, space and capacity. By eliminating technical, legal, safety and economic barriers, we hope to achieve completely circular food systems that function in challenging settings and climates.


We work with business, community groups and building owners to protect, activate and increase the accessibility of important food assets and amenities such as shared or commissary kitchens, affordable production, retail and workshop spaces, and programs that help businesses incubate and grow new ideas.


How can we facilitate the commercialization of alternative proteins and edibles, including insects, algae, cellular agriculture and plant proteins? We investigate existing preconceptions around such products and design solutions to change people’s behaviours towards adopting more sustainable food habits and products.


Dunefield and D+FA (Design + Food Atelier) have started a close partnership to explore and design a sustainable food future. Applying systems thinking methodology, D+FA investigates the local foodscape for opportunities to reconnect local producers and communities, conducts academic to applied research, leads workshops in food design and teaches the process of rapid prototyping. D+FA is the initiative of Iryna Karaush, coordinator and instructor in Product Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Together with her team, she tests the potential of design to make positive, long lasting social change and improve the quality of everyday life.


The Netherlands and Canada are frontrunners on the theme of sustainable food production, research, culture and systems. With so many innovations emerging from both countries, it makes sense to share experiences and best practices between both countries. As a start, we think these stories might interest you:


Dunefield is looking for partners to support our ongoing projects, and to explore synergies and new possibilities.

  • Is your organization interested in re-envisioning the future of food?
  • Do you have expertise or an interest in food security, waste reduction, and product and process innovation?
  • Are you a food entrepreneur looking for ways to expand into new products and (international) markets?
  • Are you looking for clients, peers, partners, space, research and support in Canada and/or the Netherlands?
  • Do you own land or buildings that could become important food assets for our communities?

We look forward to hearing from you and explore a collaboration.