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Our team is the real differentiating strength. We are a cross-disciplinary group of people who all share a passion for addressing the challenges that communities face today.


Wilco works in community development across Canada and the Netherlands, with a focus on historic and culturally diverse districts. His strength is to build trust and partnerships between residents, businesses and community groups to achieve what is considered impossible. He brings an international perspective to local challenges and a holistic understanding of what makes communities work.


Albert has a background in architectural design and project management across Canada, combining this with an MBA. He utilizes his range of abilities, relationships and knowledge towards sustainable urban development and to positively impact communities. Albert is passionate about working with community groups to preserve the stories and living heritage of place and people.


Iryna is instructor and researcher in Product Design in Wilson School of Design at KPU. She is the founder of research group D+FA (Design + Food Atelier). The focal point of her research is to redesign the relationship between people and food. She worked on various projects with the Faculty of Science and Horticulture, and developed courses for the Sustainable Food System program.


Carmut holds a planning degree from the University of British Columbia and works with cultural and social community groups to build connections through collaborative research and design. Her experience includes historical context research, cultural asset mapping and policy development for Canadian municipalities. Previously, she worked in the field of landscape design in Hong Kong.


Chris is a professional planner with a wide variety of experience working at the municipal and provincial levels. He strongly believes in the importance of creating resilient and adaptive communities that are able to respond to the realities of climate change and demographic shifts. Today, Chris supports communities in designing and implementing innovative engagement and planning strategies.