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Victoria Drive Cohousing

Dunefield and Denis Gautier Design have announced the start of our Victoria Drive Cohousing initiative. This innovative project aims to create a diverse residential mix in a characteristic East Vancouver neighbourhood, while leveraging and protecting the qualities that make this place so special and attractive.


Our cohousing development will be located on Victoria Drive in Vancouver’s Grandview Woodland. This charming street features 1900-1910s heritage homes, mature trees and community-serving corner stores. Elementary and secondary schools, cultural amenities and restaurants are all in the immediate vicinity.


We believe in the advantages of community-focused housing, where we as residents take on leadership: for what we want to see in a new development; how we wish to live as we start families and as we grow old together; and how we will live in community with our neighbours, based on shared values and responsibilities.


We are at the very start of our Victoria Drive Cohousing initiative, which makes this the right time for you to come on board. Together with a small group of participants, we will collectively create an ambitious vision for a community of neighbours that spans generational, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.


These are some impressions that define the unique qualities of Victoria Drive:


Victoria Drive Cohousing is a development of Denis Gautier Design and Dunefield. Our team is a cross-disciplinary group of specialists with years of experience in urban design, housing and community development. We all share a deep concern and passion for creating innovative and affordable housing options that strengthen existing neighbourhoods.


Are you interested in cohousing and the idea of living in a community-minded project? Join our growing movement as we pursue this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.

Reach out to learn more about the project and how you can participate: